Welcome to CLOC – We make CLOC-TAILS on kegs

We craft great cocktails.

You just pull the handle

With more than 25 years of experience in creating tasty cocktails and being a driving force in the cocktails-on-draft-scene for the last 6 years, we are uniquely positioned to deliver an outstanding cocktail experience to your guests anywhere at any time.

We call it CLOC-Tails

We supply well-made organic cocktails to those who need a high-quality solution for a speedy, consistent serve for discerning guests, at a competitive price, but are limited in space, time or staff (or desire) to do it all by themselves.


The natural choice

The advantages of our our cocktails on draft are many, ranging from increased revenue & sales, unparalleled consistency and higher guest satisfaction to saving man hours in both prep & service while minimizing waste, space needed and environmental impact

Whether used as a total solution or an addon to an existing beverage program, our cocktails on draft will enable you to provide a large volume of consistently high-quality cocktails in a short timeframe, regardless of staff qualifications, with a minimum of space and preparation needed.

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